Considering breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, we should be paying attention to what to eat.

But do we do that?

Rather, we just grab a granola bar or gobble down a bowl of cereal before rushing to work, college or school.

Having a healthy and fuller breakfast is essential to keep you going through the day without getting grumpy from hunger. But considering people don’t have the luxury to spend time in the kitchen cooking gourmet dishes, we bring you some delicious and lip-smacking ideas for breakfast.

Are you in a hurry every morning?

Or watching your weight?

Or are you too lazy to be in the kitchen for longer early in the morning?

For all the hustlers, lazy bums and health-conscious buds, we have created a list of scrumptious and nutritious breakfast recipes that will keep you wanting for more.

Want to know the mouth-watering dishes?

Let’s dig right in!

  1. PB&J Sandwich

What better start to healthy breakfast ideas than the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? This simple, easy to make and mouth-watering delicacy is loved by people across the world.

Spread up some peanut butter and jelly on a slice of bread and get a yummy breakfast ready in no time!

2. Avocado and poached egg toast

This is another fav of the health-conscious people. This dish can be called a mainstream American breakfast. Only needed a handful of ingredients- bread, avocado, egg, and some seasoning, this delicious treat is devoured by eaters at any time of the day.

3. Cinnamon pancakes

When discussing yummy breakfast, who can forget the pancakes? This savour delicacy is my all-time favourite. With a hint of cinnamon and lots of maple syrup, eating this exquisite dish will surely brighten up your mood.

4. Banana oatmeal muffins

Loaded with the goodness of banana and oatmeals, these muffins are loaded with all the right nutrition to boost up your immunity and aid the digestive system. Relish this delicious treat anytime, anywhere.

5. Omelette

Another widely savoured breakfast, the omelette is loved by people of all ages. Throw in some cheese or chicken, or bacon to enhance the flavours of the omelette. Crack an egg for a fulfilling breakfast that you deserve.

6. oatmeals

Easy to make and healthy to the core, oatmeals are preferred by the health freaks around the world. Add up some cheese, bacon or eggs to your oatmeal bowl and the fibres will keep you full till lunch!

7. Fruit salad bowl

For those who love fruits, this one’s for you! Fill up the bowl with chunks and pieces of sweet, sour, juicy fruits of your choice to enjoy your breakfast. Add some honey or cream on the top to add a pop of flavour to this delectable fruit bowl.

8. Scrambled eggs

Add it over a toast or stuff it into a croissant, the scrambled eggs are easy to make and light on the wallet as well. Add some tomatoes or bell peppers to make this nutrition-filled dish extra special.

9. Strawberry smoothie

Whip up the strawberry juice in a mere minute and get a glass full of delectable and tempting juice. Add some cream or yoghurt to it to make it more appetizing,

10. Banana bread bars

Made in the convenient shape of a bar, this banana bread filled with walnuts, dates and raisins perfectly complements your tea time. Store it up for a week, enjoy it during your “me-time” or fill up your stomach when in a hurry.

11. Chocolate banana smoothie

For the chocolate lovers out there, enrich your tastebuds with this delicious chocolate banana smoothie. Made with milk, bananas, Nutella and nuts, the smoothie is a perfect breakfast for special days.

12. waffles

Get your delicious breakfast ready with some wheat flour and butter. Voila! The waffles are ready. Top it with some berries, chocolate syrup, or PB&J and satiate your cravings with this easy-to-make morning meal.

13. yoghurt

One of the simplest recipes to get a healthy and tasty meal is yoghurt. Loaded with all the right goodness of nutrients, add up some of your favourite fruits, nuts or granola and enjoy it at the go!

Closing the lid,

These are some of my personal favourites when it comes to having a hassle-free early meal before rushing out to work or having a lazy weekend at home.

Now it’s your turn to tell me, which one is your favourite go-to breakfast?

Like, vote and comment folks!

Enjoy your lazy meals!



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