A few tips that I find extremely useful in content writing for the blogs (part 2):

^Trim out unnecessary words. Remove that excessive ‘FAT’ from the blog.

^Sharpen and smoothen your writing by keeping a keen eye on grammar.

^Rather of trying to sound too smart, focus on explaining only one idea in a sentence. Overloading the sentence loses its charm.

Remember- readers are looking for the solution to the problem, not your vocab geniuses!

^Varying the sentence structure always works in favour of the blog/article. Make the sentences pleasing to read as well as understand.

^You wrote an appealing para but what if it doesn’t fit the theme of the blog? Let go of such sentences that fail to add to the contents’ value.

^Remember the rule of 12 hours?

Once you are done with the draft, get away from it. Doing so will spark your creativity, enabling you to find the mistakes and create new ideas that could be incorporated into the content.

PS- check out my first part on helpful tips for blog writing.



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Mubasshira Shaikh

Mubasshira Shaikh

A content writer passionate to deliver quality and original content in sync with clients' requirements. curious, passionate, dedicated- that’s ME!