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Location finalized. Tickets booked. Excited for your first ever trip. Whether in a neighbouring country or overseas, we get so excited about our trip that we often overlook the cultural differences we might experience in the new place.

Hence before you board that jet, dust off your attitude and brush up on your etiquette to have the time of your life, minus the embarrassment.

Unsure of the dos and don’ts of travelling abroad?

In the article I have listed down all the travel etiquette you should keep in mind. Whether travelling to explore the wonders of Asia or the history of Rome, these dos and don’ts will help you be a good tourist.

Read on!


  1. Research about the destination before your leave for your trip. It’s always better to understand a bit about the culture. For example, in Japan, giving a tip in a restaurant is considered rude. Hence, speed up your etiquette so as not to cause any offence to the people.
  2. If you are unfamiliar with the place’s language, learn some basic words, such as, “hello”, “thank you”, and such to converse with the locals.
  3. Try and enjoy the local dishes of the place you are visiting. It’s part of getting a memorable experience, do not miss out!
  4. Make sure you make a copy of your passport and identity card. In case you lose it, it will be easier to get a replacement.
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings. Enjoy the city and have fun but, always be alert.
  6. Dress appropriately when visiting any religious places. Covering your head and dressing modestly is advised.
  7. Ask for permission before you click photos of any local.
  8. Pack up the appropriate gears before you visit the place. Some places may be colder or warmer than where you live. It’s never bad to be prepared.
  9. Log off of your mobile phone or laptop, soak up the local energy and make the most out of your trip.
  10. Lock up your car doors and roll up the windows when driving.
  11. Store the valuables in a safe in a hotel before you go out.


  1. Avoid carrying a large sum of money with you. Do not show off your cash anywhere, as it might attract unnecessary attention, leading to any unexpected incident.
  2. Never leave your stuff unattended in the public, not even for a brief moment.
  3. Keep your carry-on bag close to you to prevent getting robbed.
  4. Avoid visiting shady places or dimly lit places, especially at night.
  5. Do not dress up and roam the streets like lost tourists. Try to blend in with the locals rather than standing out as obvious tourists.
  6. Do not carry your luggage everywhere and avoid storing your medicines, necessities, and cash in one bag.
  7. Never make fun of the people and their culture.
  8. Don’t do drugs or go overboard drinking. In some places, it might be illegal to do drugs. So stay clear of drugs to avoid getting in trouble in a foreign land.
  9. Avoid travelling alone. It’s always better to have company. It’s more fun that way, right!
  10. Keep your PDA in check! In some places, it might seem offensive to hug or kiss in public. Unless you want to be frowned upon, keep your PDA behind closed doors.

That’s it for now!

this article pretty much covered the basics you need while travelling anywhere.

So, remember the etiquette and have the most exciting time of your life during your journey!

Did I miss anything else?

If so, mention it in the comments, I would love to add it to our list of do's and don’ts.

Till then, happy travelling!



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